A foundation in economic analysis

Our minor in Economics provides you with a foundation in economic analysis with courses in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. You build on that foundation with courses in Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics, Economic Development of the United States, Health Economics, Money Credit and Banking and International Political Economy.

You leave the program ready to apply your understanding of economies and how they function to the work being done in a variety of different fields.


A student with a major other than Business Administration may, with the permission of the academic director, minor in Economics. Students with a major in Business Administration may pursue one of the concentrations within the business administration degree, including but not limited to: management, marketing, economics, international business, social innovation, and entrepreneurship, or health sector management.

Required Courses Credits
BUEC 203 - Macroeconomics 3
BUEC 204 - Microeconomics 3
Plus four 300- or 400-level Economics courses as prescribed below. Economic courses may include but are not limited to Credits
BUEC 365 - Evolution of Economic Theory 3
BUEC 370 - Money Credit and Banking 3
BUEC 375 - International Trade and Finance 3
BUEC 380 - Economic Development of the U.S. 3
BUEC 385 - Health Economics 3
BUEC 390/ENV 324 - Environmental Economics 3
BUEC 395 - Ecological Economics 3
PSC 322 - International Political Economy 3
Total Credits 18