Interdisciplinary study of health and medicine

健康方面的未成年人, 医学, and Society is an interdisciplinary, social scientific study of health and medicine. It encompasses anthropological, 社会学, 心理, and political science investigations of health and illness. This minor prepares students for a myriad of careers that directly or indirectly relate to a variety of fields in the medical professions.


To complete the minor in 健康, 医学, and Society students must complete six (6) three (3) credit courses in anthropology, 社会学, and related social science or medically related disciplines. Also, four of the total courses must be completed in anthropology or 社会学. The electives may come from a variety of fields depending on the specific course. 学生 may count courses taken in the Core 课程 as part of the minor. 学生 在社会学 or Applied Social and Cultural Studies may not count courses toward the major and the HMS minor. One course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

Must take one (1) of the following: 学分
ANT 102 - Cultural Anthropology or SOC 150- Introduction to Sociology 3
Must take 5 electives, including at least one (1) at the 300 level or above. Courses should be chosen from the list below. Other courses can be substituted with the permission of the academic director. 学分
ANT 118 - Applied Anthropology 3
ANT 211 - Medical Anthropology 3
ANT 425 - Sex, Gender, Sexuality 3
HWOS 432 - Disability Studies and Inclusive Communities 3
PHI 201 - Biomedical Ethics 3
PSY 250 - Human Life Span Development 3
PSY 325 - Psychology of Aging 3
PSY 370 - Drugs, Society, and Behavior 3
PSC 325 - Politics and Public 健康 3
PUB 200 - Foundations in Public 健康 3
SOC 224 - Family, 健康, and Social Change 3
SOC 228 - Sociology of Aging 3
SOC 275 - Sociology of Food and 健康 3
SOC 355 - Medical Sociology 3
总计 15
总学分 18