Anouar Majid
Vice President for Global Affairs
Managing Director of UNE Morocco
Founding Director of the Center for Global Humanities
Founding Director of the Tangier Global Forum
Professor of English
Proctor Hall 301

Professional Staff

Emily Dragon
Director of Global Education
Designated School Official
Decary Hall 126
Headshot of Bryn Keating
Assistant Director, Global Education Program
Decary 126

Peer advisors

Grace Curley

Grace Curley, Neuroscience (Pre-Med) '24

Program: Tangier, Morocco
Ask me about:

  • Anything and everything about my experiences!
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone!
  • Tips and tricks I learned
  • Safety while abroad/traveling solo
  • Tangier food recommendations and must-sees!
  • Traveling for cheap/my favorite trips!
  • Studying abroad as a Pre-Med student and still graduating on time
  • Overcoming culture shock when you return home
Morgan Desmond

Morgan Desmond, Nursing '24

Program: Tangier, Morocco
Ask me about:

  • What it's like being in the medical field (Nursing) studying abroad
  • Volunteering in a public hospital and local orphanage
  • The Sahara desert, Camel and ATV riding
  • Traveling to Spain, and where to find the best and safest deals
  • What to pack and what not to pack
  • Where to go in Tangier or on weekends and how to do so safely
  • How to continue hobbies like sports or arts abroad 
Carson Brady
Carson Brady, Animal Behavior '22

Program: Akureyri, Iceland
Ask me about:

  • Managing money
  • Living in an apartment
  • Traveling around Iceland
  • Learning a new language, and about a new culture
  • Trying new foods
  • Traveling during the pandemic
  • Buying groceries and making my own meals
Emma Horne

Emma Horne, Nursing '23

Program: Tangier, Morocco


Ask me about:

  • Exploring Tangier Alone
  • Being a Nursing Major in Morocco
  • Traveling Outside of Morocco
  • Traveling On a Budget
  • Volunteering in Morocco
Jocelyn LaClair

Jocelyn LaClair, Biological Sciences '23

Program: Aix-en-Provence, France


Ask me about:

  • Going abroad alone
  • Host families
  • What to do in Aix
  • French cuisine scene
  • Planning trips and traveling on a budget
  • Traveling without cell service
  • Being LGBTQ+ abroad
Catreana Ellerton

Catreana Ellerton, Medical Biology, Pre-med ‘23

Program: Tangier, Morocco


Ask me about:

  • How to study abroad as a Med Bio Major
  • How to travel on a budget whether just to Morocco or if on the weekends/breaks
  • What to pack
  • How to truly indulge in the culture of Morocco and Spain
  • Local spots in Tangier
  • Take advantage of your time abroad
  • Ways to help with home sickness and mental health